Cooking and heating with gas is not only economical, it provides instant heat and great temperature control as well. As an accredited gas fitter, NC Plumbing can install gas at your house and install your new gas appliances.

Gas Fitting

Thinking of switching to gas? NC Plumbing can install gas pipes or gas appliances in your home, including;

  • Gas barbecues
  • Gas ovens and cooktops
  • Gas bayonets and heaters

Gas Leak Detection

Gas leaks can affect your family’s health and safety, and if left undetected, can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. If you smell gas, rotten eggs or are concerned that your gas appliances aren’t heating up properly, call a licensed professional immediately to check for gas leaks in your home.  A gas leak can be detected by conducting a gas pressure test and if there’s a problem NC Plumbing can fix it for you on the spot.

If you suspect a gas leak, or would like gas installed in your home, don’t hesitate in calling NC Plumbing for fast, safe and reliable service.